The Feed

As a brand, we wanted to create more than just a website with our apparel for sale. We’ve created the feed as a place to link devotions, articles, and other resources for you to learn and grow as a Christian and as a hunter. No matter how experienced you are in the field or how far along you are in your walk with God, we want to help. 

Our Faith

We encourage everyone to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ. Under the “Our Faith” section, you’ll find helpful devotions, podcasts, and more to help you with that relationship. 

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The Hunt

Hunting isn’t always as easy as grabbing a gun and heading into the woods. Under “The Hunt” section, you’ll find articles and links to help you get started or grow as a hunter. 

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We will aim to constantly put out new and useful material for our customers. If you ever have any suggestions on articles we should write and post, please reach out!