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As we aim to help you in your walk, we think it’s important to check out other reliable resources. We’ve created a list below with a brief description of what you can expect to get from these great organizations.
The Church of Eleven22
Joby Martin is a good ole’ boy from South Carolina. He’s the most relatable pastor you’ve ever met if you have a love for hunting and the outdoors. Joby does a phenomenal job of helping you develop and deepen a relationship with Jesus Christ. We’ve linked a great sermon that walks through The Gospel According to John. 
The Summit Church Online 
Our home church has helped us grow in our faith tremendously over the last few years. Pastor J.D. Greear does an excellent job of dissecting the Bible in a way that is relatable and understandable to all. 
Desiring God
John Piper started Desiring God in 1994. It has become an international web ministry with 14,000+ free resources and 3.5+million monthly users. Today, John serves as lead teacher for the ministry. Desiring God is a great tool for you to learn about all of the questions you may have.
Revelation Outdoors
A waterfowl ministry might not be something you hear about often. However, Joey Gauthier does a fantastic job of doing what we try to do. That is, connecting those in the outdoor industry to a relationship with God. They have some great resources on their site along with testimonies from hunters like us.
More Than a Calling
MTAC is a collection of believers creating content to provide followers of Christ the essentials they need to share the gospel through waterfowl hunting. Check out their books and media to learn more!

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