Our Faith


As a brand, we aim to connect outdoorsmen and women to faith in Jesus Christ by providing resources that have helped us along the way. 


By wearing our brand, we hope you are able to use it as a tool to bring up a conversation about the Gospel. We aim to use the brand as a tool to bring one more person to Christ.


Faith Based: God is first and above all things.

Outdoor Driven: to help and encourage others to see God’s creation.

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  • Honestly Priced


As believers, it’s important to stay in God’s word daily. We’ve created this blog for followers to learn more about God’s word by breaking down scripture. We hope to ease the understanding of different books of the Bible by providing this resource.   

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We started the The Greeting Call Podcast with the intention of talking to other outdoorsmen about their faith. We’ve hosted guest speakers, such as Josh Teff, Robby Flack, Tyler Spitzmiller, and Joey Gauthier. As we continue the podcast, we hope to encourage others to grow in their faith by hearing the stories of like-minded people. Give it a listen on Spotify or Apple Podcast.

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We don’t claim to know it all and are constantly learning the Bible. We’ve created a page with links to other resources we use to learn in our own walk. 

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