How do I get into duck hunting?

How do I get into duck hunting?

Hunter Safety Course

Before you dive in, safety is the most important part of hunting. Regardless of age or state law, we recommend taking a course if you’ve never been hunting. Most states require this, especially for the younger generation. If you find yourself taking the course after referencing our site, shoot us an email with photo proof in a timingly manner and we’ll reward you with a coupon code! We want everyone to share our passion for the outdoors so we look forward to hearing from you.

Take Hunter Safety Course

Hunting License

It is required to have a hunting license . For the state you live in, you must require a “resident” license. If you are hunting out of state, you must acquire a “non-resident” hunting license. A simple google search should be able to take you to your state’s wildlife organization where you can acquire your license.

North Carolina License

Do I need a federal duck stamp to duck hunt?

When duck hunting, you are also required by federal law to obtain a federal duck stamp if you are 16 years of age or older. This must be carried on you while hunting. You should have the option to purchase this when getting your license. When you receive your stamp in the mail, you must sign it.