How does the wind affect duck hunting?

How does the wind affect duck hunting?

Many new duck hunters question if strong winds will affect the success of a hunt. In this article, you will uncover hunting strategies and the habits of ducks on windy days. 

Although very strong wind (25mph+) can keep ducks grounded, a stiff breeze to moderate wind (10-20mph) can actually help you out on a duck hunt. Here are a few tips for duck hunting on a windy day.

Do Ducks Fly During Heavy Winds?

If the wind is blowing over 25mph or more, ducks tend to find shelter in small cubby holes and tight spots to keep out of the harsh conditions. This is not ideal for duck hunters and you may want to reconsider your hunt if the wind is blowing very hard when you plan on going out to shoot some ducks.

However, if the wind is blowing moderately, you may be able to use it to your advantage. Ducks will fly in 10-20mph wind and can even make for an easier target for hunters. If a duck is flying into the wind, it may be traveling half the speed it normally would on a calm day. This makes the ducks slow moving targets that can be shot down more easily by new hunters.

Where Should You Set Up When Duck Hunting in the Wind?

To have ducks fly in front of you at the right distance is an important part of having a successful hunt. When you are duck hunting on a windy day, it is especially important that you choose the right location to be along the flight path of ducks in the area.

You should also be aware of the wind direction and make sure that you understand how ducks will react to the wind according to which way they are heading. If a duck is flying with the wind, it will be traveling faster than normal meaning that you should lead the duck with your shots a little more than normal. If a duck is flying against the wind, it will be going much slower meaning you will only have to lead the duck by a few feet.

How Do Ducks React to Heavy Wind Around Lakes?

Many great duck hunting spots are located around larger bodies of water like lakes and large ponds near wooded areas. This is because the ducks live in these wooded areas and spend time around the water.

When it is very windy, ducks don't tend to fly above open bodies of water because they will have difficulty fighting the wind and get tired easily. When it is windy, ducks in these areas will look for creeks and small nooks with water that are partially enclosed by trees to keep out of the wind. These areas make a perfect spot to hunt ducks on a very windy day.

What if There is No Wind When Duck Hunting?

While wind can make duck hunting difficult, there are also challenges that come with no wind at all. If there is little to no wind, ducks will be able to fly higher and faster which can make them more difficult to shoot. In addition, the lack of noise from the wind can also alert ducks to your presence, so you will need to be extra careful to not make any sudden movements or noises.

Should You Try To Duck Hunt in Heavy Wind?

If you're about to go on a duck hunt and you notice that a heavy wind is blowing, you may want to try again on a different day. You may still have a successful hunt if the wind is blowing over 20 mph but you are less likely to see ducks.

The perfect duck hunting wind conditions is a happy medium. The wind should not be blowing too hard and it should also not be a perfectly calm day. When the wind is blowing right around 10 mph is perfect for duck hunting.