How do I find places to duck hunt?

How do I find places to duck hunt?

If you’re scratching your head trying to figure out where to hunt, we hope this helps. This list of resources will hopefully point you down the right path to having a safe and successful hunt.


Game Lands Map

If you don’t have any private land to hunt, we suggest looking at a public land map. Public land is often underestimated and can have potential to provide a great hunting spot. Being in North Carolina, we’ve linked an NC Wildlife page to help those of you from here. If you plan on hunting other states, a simple google search should be able to point you in the right direction for your own state.


onX Hunt

One of the most useful tools in our arsenal is the onX Hunt application. This app provides public and private land maps showing you information such as land owner, acreage, boundary lines, and more. The app allows you to navigate the land you’re hunting and strategically plan out your hunt. Start with the free version and you’ll soon find yourself in a subscription once you fall in love!


Personal Connections

We highly recommend hunting with someone experienced if it’s your first time. Ask around town or at your local church and see if you can find someone to hunt with. Oftentimes, if they don’t hunt, they may know somebody who does. Trusted relationships can lead to some private land opportunities that may be in your own backyard.